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Starting My Day with a Routine

Starting My Day with a Routine

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This week we’ve asked Margeaux House, from The Curvy World to talk all about how she starts her day. Let’s get to chatting!

Q: Let’s get right to the important stuff? How do you like your coffee or tea to start your morning? If you go a different route (we’re intrigued) do share.

A: It’s coffee for me without a doubt.  My day doesn’t get started without one good cup.  Lately I have been using a French press and I heat up a bit of almond milk to pour into the cup.  No sugar for me.  The almond milk gives the sweetness and extra flavor.

Q: What’s the one ritual that you do every morning that is a non-negotiable start to your day?

A: While my coffee is brewing I open the blinds in my living room and talk to my plants.  I check them with my water meter and anyone who needs a drink gets one.   

Q: After you wake, step us through your (intentional) morning routine. Why is this important for you? How does this help you?

A: I make my coffee, check on my plants, and then I have my coffee while I check a few emails.  I love to start my day with movement so if I am not taking a bike ride through the park then it’s a morning yoga or pilates session.  The day can get away from you so easily, so if I don’t make time for myself first thing in the morning it might not happen that day, which is why I always do me first.

Q: We all have plans that go ari at times and chaos takes over and just like that there goes our start to the day routine. How do you (or do you) recover your day when you’re not able to follow your (non-negotiable) morning rituals?

A: I can usually recover by making sure I put movement at the end of my day maybe right before I go to bed.  I do tend to get a great nights sleep after a wind down yoga session.

Q: What advice would you give someone that does not have an intentional start to their day but wants to be more mindful and set their morning with intention?

A: Try waking up just a few minutes earlier and carve out that time for yourself.  Whatever it is that brings you joy make space for it early in your day.  Even if it is 15 minutes to start.  You will quickly see how you may start to get up even earlier to allow more time for yourself as your ritual develops.

Thank you for your inspiration and insight. Let’s chat again soon.

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