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Courage to Create

Courage to Create

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We are delighted to introduce you to Katrena Griggs. Though we’ve known Katrena from the home furnishings and decor industry we did not know about her artistic talent. The secret is out, Katrena!

Q: Let’s start from the beginning! As a young girl, what is one of the first things you remember wanting to be?

A: A business person.

Q: Has being creative always been a part of who you are?

A: Most definitely

Q: As a showroom owner in the home furnishings and decor industry, you’re surrounded by beautiful things and have engaged with artisans and creatives for many years. Has this influenced your own creativity?

A: Absolutely, they have inspired me- shown me that I too have natural talent and can be successful using it.

Q: What does being creative do for you? Is there a particular balance of time for creating or do you seize the moment when you are in the right mindset? What gets you in the creating zone?

A: I have believed for a very long time that “the gift of creativity” is the best gift God, the master creator, can give you. Creative time is sometimes planned and sometimes impromptu as an idea comes to mind. Getting into the creative zone is a matter of having all the materials needed and an idea.

Q: You’re metal sculptures have such an interesting organic form. What inspired you to begin to work with this medium? What inspires the formation? What else are you working on?

A: The wire sculptures came about while sourcing for another creative idea.  I saw the wire, bought it, and immediately went home and began playing with it.  
I am also working on abstract plaster sculptures, a small clothing collection, and some other ideas.

Q: As someone with a “go-for-it” mentality, what advice can you share with someone else that has multiple passions and wants to follow their unique gifts and talents?

A: Do it! Do not let others tell you why you should not go for it.

Q: What encouraged you to begin to put yourself out there with your work? Where did you find the courage?

A:  Seeing many small brands bring their product to market and sometimes with less talent was a motivator.

Q: We’d love to support you more, where has your work been showcased? Do you offer commissioned pieces? Let the readers know where they can see more from you.

A: Jennifer Balcos Gallery in Atlanta (@jenniferbalcos_gallery). Jennifer has been a collector and supporter for many years. Yes, I’ve been commissioned by a few interior designers for sculptures to add to their projects.

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