Welcome to ThriveWell by Design! This is the place where multi-passionate women join together to THRIVE.

ThriveWell by Design is built on the foundation that we all need community and connection to feel supported in all areas of daily living. Through stories, inspiration, and sharing, we hope to help others ThriveWell at HOME, at WORK, with FAMILY, and in WELLNESS.

The intersection between work, home, community, and wellness is where we flourish and THRIVE. When we come together to collectively ThriveWell, the result is even more powerful.

The (Imperfect) Voice

We are committed to sharing and engaging with a diverse community that aligns with our message of impact-ability and the desire to thrive. We strive to provide thoughtful content that is relatable, approachable, and inspirational – while building a COMMUNITY that YOU are excited to be a part of.


Julie Montgomery Interior Design

Founder, Creative Director, Interior Designer 

Julie Montgomery is a multi-passionate creative and entrepreneur. 

From her first career as a special education, Julie went on to develop marketing for corporations in the travel and hospitality technology industry and then followed her passion for interior design, establishing a successful practice over the last decade which still continues today

From Julie:

“Hello there! I love helping others, I love elevating others in their own endeavors, I love community impact, and I love family. For me to thrive beyond my own understanding, these things must intersect, weave, and flow together. ThriveWell by Design is the culmination of all the experiences in my own life combined with my knowledge and expertise and my passion to serve others and be one in the community.

I’m a family girl, mom of boys, wife, and a friend. 

I’m also a thinker, teacher, peacemaker, believer, cheerleader, storyteller, connector, and an optimist. I’m empowered by others and I’m so glad you are here!

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Let’s Grow in Community and Be Social

We can ThriveWell more every day, and we are all better together. We inspire each other when we share our big and small (those are actually big too) wins at #IThriveWellDaily, our community daily hashtag. Join the Facebook group to continue the conversation, make connections, and share #IThriveWellDaily moments. 

We Love Collaborations and Community Contributors  

We love diverse expertise, viewpoints, sharing, and stories. Content contributors are the instrumental part of the voice here at ThriveWell by Design.  Following any post (video, interview, or written article) the Community Contributor is introduced along with a direct link to their awesomeness. You can see all current (and growing) ThriveWell Community Contributors on our directory page, here. 

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