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A Simple Sunday Breakfast and Our Other Family Traditions

A Simple Sunday Breakfast and Our Other Family Traditions

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This week we’ve asked Katja Lauterbach from Duett Designs to talk all about traditions. Let’s get to chatting!

Q: Think back to your childhood, what was one family tradition that you enjoyed the most? Why? If you have one that you’d best forget or dreaded, we’d love to hear that too!

A: Baking our special German Christmas cookies! It was always an Advent Sunday filled with so much fun and laughter. I continued this tradition with my kids and it is just like when I did it with my mom.

Q: Have you adopted a childhood tradition that you still continue today? If so, is it the same or have you slightly altered it in some way?

A: My mom used to fill an Advent calendar with sweets and little treats. Since we do not have the fillable ones available here, I get creative and design a new calendar every year with 24 little gifts to make waiting for Christmas more enjoyable.

Q: With our time being spent more with close friends and immediate family, how can you (or will you) alter or embrace a new tradition for family gatherings?

A: We will continue to follow them just with less people, but that’s okay.

Q: We often think of traditions in association with family, holidays, or even cultural traditions – all bigger things. Tell us something simple that you do for yourself (daily/weekly) that could be defined as a simple tradition just for you.

A: Sunday Breakfast – everyone is at the table and it’s a classic German meal with fresh bread rolls, cooked eggs, breakfast meats, cheeses, and jam. It takes up to two hours and we talk about everything and nothing – such a joy!

Q: Have you tried to engage your family in a new tradition that never took off or completely failed (side note: Our mind goes to the Griswold tree cutting expedition on Christmas Vacation)? Tell us about your amazing idea that never evolved OR tell us what you would do if only you could.

A: I would like to travel with my mom at least once a year. We try and we’ve succeeded a couple of times but life is usually too complicated to do this as regularly as we would like.

Thank you for your inspiration and insight. Let’s chat again soon.

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