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3 Time Management Tools For Working Moms

3 Time Management Tools For Working Moms

If you’re a Mom, it’s no secret that we’re so busy filling multiple roles in our lives that there’s isn’t time to do them all. The pandemic has only expanded our roles as everything to everyone, including virtual homeschool teacher and the point-person for all things at home.

Tell me if this sounds like you? You’re trying to be a loving parent, a leader, an engaged volunteer, an advocate to wrong all of the world’s rights, a good friend, and an attentive spouse. And don’t forget to make time to build up your dreams, get that side hustle off the ground, and still do a remarkable “employee of the month” worthy job at the office!

I’m here to assure you that there’s no way to do it all, but you can do more than you ever thought possible with the right strategies in place. Extend patience to yourself and solicit the help you need, all while focusing on productivity. 

I’m fortunate that one of my superpowers is productivity and getting an impossible amount of work done in a single day. I share those strategies as a career coach, but even I feel the burdens of burn-out, especially during a pandemic when we’re all wearing so many hats with no end in sight. When I feel myself slide, I reorient myself and focus on maximizing my time and energy to get back on track. That way, I can produce the meaningful and exceptional work I know I’m capable of.

1. Plan Out Your Day

Sure, you can sleep in to get as much rest as possible. Or you can do what 50% of self-made millionaires do and wake up at least three hours before your real workday begins. Waking up early is how I built the foundation for my career coaching practice while working as a law partner and running a family. Try going to bed early and see how it impacts your life.

Next, organize your day into different buckets. Your high-value tasks go in the “must-do” bucket that all impact your long-term mission. Schedule everything else around those essential tasks to maximize your energy during your most productive hours.

2. Eliminate Distractions

The world is full of endless, time-sucking distractions, especially if you’re a mom and working at home. However, it’s not just the distraction itself that’s eating away at your time. Studies show it can take over 23-minutes just to get back on track after simple interruptions. Think of how often you get a text message or an IM. It’s time to turn off all your alerts, close your office door, and silence your phone, except for the most important clients or babysitters that need to reach you that day. 

3. Get Intentional with Your Breaks

Experts often encourage everyone to take more breaks as an opportunity to recharge. Yet we usually end up wandering around or mindlessly eating instead of making the break intentional. Instead of taking a break from work, engage in an activity that shifts your mindset. A walk or a quick chat with a friend can promote decompression and refresh your brain. That intentional activity then leads you to refocus your energy on the task at hand.  

And no one is too busy to slow down for a few minutes and switch gears. Your brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs a break. Use those brain siestas to your advantage and indulge in some self-care like a power nap or a high-protein snack. This will help you refocus and get ready to dive into those buckets, from top priorities that require the most of your energy to simple household tasks. 


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