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Why We Need a Community to Feel Connected

Why We Need a Community to Feel Connected

Community Connection

In the design community, fellow designers often mention their “design tribe”. These would be those individuals that they support, trust, and share openly with one another- community over competition. Your “tribe” may be your friendship circle or another special group with whom you have a genuine connection and upon whom you rely.

Our community connection supports our ability to not only thrive but to ThriveWell in all circumstances and in all areas of our life. 

Staying connected requires an active approach and participation. That Sometimes means our fellow members help carry our weight or reach out to us to raise us up. It means that when one struggles, we can rely on others to give of themselves through sharing and support. 

Simply put, building community is about elevating one another while sharing openly and authentically. It’s about making an impact in our neighborhoods, with friends, at home, and in our place of work. 

Collaborations keep us connected

Throughout history, we’ve seen the power of collaborations in community. We’ve seen communities unite and pull together during natural disasters and horrific tragedies. We’ve witnessed people come together to make change, for good. We’ve also experienced loss when isolation has kept us from our community connections.  Our inherent need as people is to commune. We strive to connect in any capacity so that we can flourish and prosper. 

ThriveWell by design is your online community and lifestyle source.

ThriveWell {where we nourish, flourish, and prosper} by design {by intention} 

We are so glad to be here together as we build a diverse community and make new connections that allow us all to ThriveWell by Design.

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