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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

We’ve all likely heard of others selecting their New Year’s “Word of the Year”. This is THE WORD that summarizes how you want to feel, your intention, or how you will define your year to come. Those who define a personal “word of the year” not only find the exercise inspiring and motivating, but also value the outcome as a desired goal on which to focus. Words are powerful — they can change how you feel in an instant. Words express emotions and can also heal, create intent, bring others together, and shift our perspective at certain moments.

Words can give us focus when we need it the most. 

As a family, we were going through a difficult moment with the health of our (at the time) three-year-old son. He would get so upset at every doctor’s appointment (as would I) and so I began to think of something we could focus on. I needed a tool. Repeating something meaningful became a focal point. We’d repeat the words Be Big. Be Strong. Be Brave. (“Big Strong Brave-Big Strong Brave”… over and over!) These three words were even written in various areas for us all to see and manifest together. 

Many (healthy) years later, our focus word shifted to perseverance, not only for focus but also to acknowledge the pride of accomplishment in overcoming a challenge. Different time, different circumstances, similar intent.

We all evolve and grow in the direction we need, at the moment we can, and through the experiences we honor, right? Whether it’s for daily intention or for really hard times, think of a word (or two, or three) to guide your focus where you need it most in this moment.

Let this be your motto.

You can use ours if you’d like. 

We’d love to hear from you! What motto resonates with you?

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