Cupping Therapy
Why I Began Cupping Therapy

For years I’ve been trying different holistic healing modalities but was always afraid of Cupping. I would see the “trendy” marks on the back of celebrities and perfect yogis alike and think…ok what kind of cult is this?

Community Connection
Why We Need a Community to Feel Connected

In the design community, fellow designers often mention their “design tribe”. These would be those individuals that they support, trust, and share openly with one another- community over competition.

ThriveWell by Design
Ten Minutes to Re-Focus and Feel Better

What if we quickly create a FOCUS board that supports our goals and helps us to refocus when we need it? A visual for the day or week that gets us on track when we sway.

The Power of Words
The Power of Words

We’ve all likely heard of others selecting their New Year’s “Word of the Year”. This is THE WORD that summarizes how you want to feel, your intention, or how you will define your year to come.