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How Being a Mom Shifted My Need for Tangible Evidence

How Being a Mom Shifted My Need for Tangible Evidence

Tangible Evidence

So much of what I do professionally is intangible – from program design to marketing strategy, devising pricing models or service offerings.  In fact, so much so that I used to flip houses to have tangible evidence of my hard work.  I found it rewarding to drive by and say, “I did that.  I contributed to the revitalization of this neighborhood.” Of course, that was before I became a single mom.  I no longer climb in windows of boarded up buildings and enthusiastically declare, “I can make this cute!”  Now, evenings are spent supervising homework, preparing a well-balanced meal, and enjoying our time together. 

However, our recent move to the country and creation of “Arena Farms” has really provided tangible evidence of my efforts.  Growing our own vegetables and raising hens who consistently produce healthy eggs are rewarding.  In fact, my 11-year-old has even launched her own online store selling organic products she makes from our farm.

Honestly, having a room full of organic sugar scrubs, bath salts and canned goods is sometimes more tangible than this organized, mom with a low tolerance for clutter is comfortable with!

Sometimes I think about the anticipation of the first squash we grew, my daughter counting the blossoms on the pepper plants that we grew from seeds, the hard work I put into building a fence.  I notice the focus is on the emotion, not the output.  Where is the previous desire for “tangible evidence”? Has that appetite been satiated, or have I changed?  Has my focus shifted? I made one promise to myself when I had my daughter.  After ushering my company through years of exponential growth, working limitless 80-hour weeks, and waiting until my 40’s to have a child, I promised that I would be very present as a mother. After all, I had an opportunity to see the world through a completely different set of eyes.  I have always believed that our understanding is strengthened each time we see the same object or concept from a different vantage point.  So, I invite you to be present, too.  What have you allowed yourself to fully experience recently?

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