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This Business Coach Shares How She Starts Her Day with Intention

This Business Coach Shares How She Starts Her Day with Intention

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This week we’ve asked Sarah-Nell Walsh, from Wayfinders, LLC to talk all about how she starts her day. Let’s get to chatting!

Q: Let’s get right to the important stuff? How do you like your coffee or tea to start your morning? If you go a different route (we’re intrigued) do share.

A: I drink my coffee black! I got super into intermittent fasting a few years ago and switched from cream + sugar to straight caffeine. I buy super high quality coffee that has tasting notes, which you can only taste if it is black.

Q: What’s the one ritual that you do every morning that is a non-negotiable start to your day?

A: Brushing my teeth (even my hair can wait some days!).  

Q: After you wake, step us through your (intentional) morning routine. Why is this important for you? How does this help you?

A: After I make my coffee, I sit down with my phone and my Best Self Journal and write out my calendar for the day, a scripture verse, 3 things I’m grateful for, how I want to show up that day, and what support I need. Then, I read my daily meditation from the Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. After that, I’m centered and ready to #slaytheday!

Q: We all have plans that go ari at times and chaos takes over and just like that there goes our start to the day routine. How do you (or do you) recover your day when you’re not able to follow your (non-negotiable) morning rituals?

A: I strive for rigid flexibility. If I have a good framework for success, I can be confident that not every day needs to hit a perfect trajectory for me to be moving in the right direction. I give myself a lot of grace so a bad day doesn’t snowball into a bad week.

Q: What advice would you give someone that does not have an intentional start to their day but wants to be more mindful and set their morning with intention?

A: I think setting an intention for how you want to show up is the easiest place to start. Intentions are heart-driven practices that help you embody and live into your core values. Having a clear intention can help you show up as your best self as you navigate the chaos of daily life. 

Thank you for your inspiration and insight. Let’s chat again soon.

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