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Color-Coded Visuals and a Buffer for the Unexpected Help Manage this Interior Designer’s Day

Color-Coded Visuals and a Buffer for the Unexpected Help Manage this Interior Designer’s Day

This week we’ve asked Jessica Davis, from Atelier Davis & Nest Studios to talk all about how she starts her day. Let’s get to chatting!

Q: Let’s start by being very real when it comes to managing time and plans for the day. Take this scenario, for example. You’ve created your to-do list, you’ve written in your planner, and now you are off to do your big things. Then, a client calls with a brilliant thought, your child can’t connect to the internet, there was a no show for your Zoom call, and on and on… How do you interrupt those off schedule and chaotic days to get your task back on track?

A: This is the definition of my day. I try to build in time for unexpected things and just general admin and buffer time. I have this ridiculous color-coded excel sheet that is a combo calendar and to-do list. I’m a super visual person so this helps me map out my day.  And when things go awry as they inevitably do, I just start cutting and pasting tasks to other days and time slots.

Q: There are many common methods to managing time (for example, chunk common tasks, time block) do you follow a particular method? If so, tell us what works for you and why. If you have your own method, we love ideas!

A: I mentioned my strange spreadsheet. Here is a screenshot below.
To Do List

Q: Paper calendars and to-do list or digital or both? If you have a go-to tool that you use, please share it with us.

A: Both. I use google calendars as my longer-term calendars for both work and personal stuff, but I transpose things into my visual to-do list weekly. I also have a paper calendar for the family that we can all reference.

Q: Many people like to end their Sunday by planning their week ahead. When do you plan your day or week? Do you separate this by work and family needs or look at it as one week ahead?

A: We try to do this on Friday or Saturday mainly because I don’t like to anything that feels remotely like work on Sunday evenings.

Q: When it’s challenging to accomplish everything going on and nothing is being given the attention it needs, what are one or two bits of advice you can share that might help in these moments?

A: What can you let go of? Sometimes we pile on things that really aren’t a priority. Can the lawn wait another day to be mowed so you can get a client proposal out? What can you delegate? Can you hire a lawn guy who charges a lower rate than you do so you can really focus on getting quality work out to paying clients? I always like to think of my time as money and that helps a lot.

Thank you for your inspiration and insight. Let’s chat again soon.

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