Sarah-Nell Walsh

Sarah-Nell Walsh is a professional certified coach, former practicing attorney, + Founder of Wayfinders LLC. Equal parts big-hearted cheerleader and bold challenger, she works with ambitious professionals who want to perform at the top of their game. 



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10 Ways To Stay Productive At Home

Working from home full-time was only a reality for some of us once COVID-19 shut down the world. Although working in our pajamas from a laptop may have been a lifelong dream, it was probably a short-lived one.

3 Time Management Tools For Working Moms

If you’re a Mom, it’s no secret that we’re so busy filling multiple roles in our lives that there’s isn’t time to do them all. The pandemic has only expanded our roles as everything to everyone, including virtual homeschool teacher and the point-person for all things at home.

7 Tips For Getting More Done In 10 Easy Breaths

One of my greatest strengths has always been getting stuff done. I typically use a stronger four-letter word to describe this superpower, but “stuff” will also suffice!

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Top 5 Essentials For Enjoying Cooler Temperatures

We all have them! We probably just never really slow down long enough to think about them. Here’s your chance. What are some of your go-to items when the temperatures drop?

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This Business Coach Shares How She Starts Her Day with Intention

This week we’ve asked Sarah-Nell Walsh, from Wayfinders, LLC to talk all about how she starts her day. Let’s get to chatting!




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