Katrena Griggs

Katrena Griggs

Katrena has been creative for as long as she can remember. She has always been one to ask “why not” or “what if”. Always prompting her to do things a little differently and against the odds more so for her own enjoyment and edification than to cater to someone else’s ideas.

This is what fuels the fire of the April born artist who grew up primarily in New Jersey. She is the eldest of two children in a family of four. Her parents recognized at an early age that she was an independent creative thinker. As a daddy’s girl Katrena often assisted her dad whether it was holding the flashlight or handing him tools as he completed his “honey-do list.” Katrena’s mother greatly influenced her interest in fashion and home decor. Both parents supported her entrepreneurial spirit which began with selling toy box edits and lemonade at the end of the driveway of their family home.

Katrena’s post-high school education majored in Fashion Merchandising which led to a career in retail management, later followed by a career in the wholesale home decor industry. Katrena’s creative interest, appreciation for entrepreneurship, and genuine love for home decor, art, and fashion have been the cornerstone of her professional career and what truly makes her happy.

With several years of sales and management in both fashion and home decor, Katrena opened a 2,500 SF multi-line home decor showroom called CURATED HOME BRANDS at Atlanta’s Americasmart. She finds strengthening partnerships with brands and customers is very satisfying.

When she’s not managing her business, she is working through a creative thought that can take the form of her sought after wire sculptures or her current obsession with paper and plaster. She may even be seated at her sewing machine creating something to wear for the next day, she just can’t help herself. It’s the sweet and savory life for this woman.



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Katrena Griggs

The Art of Going for Your Goals

Katrena Griggs knows how to pivot and go big for your goals! Being a business owner and an artisan keeps her busy and in-touch with her passions. Katrena began CURATED HOME BRANDS, a multi-line home decor showroom, where she works with creative partners in the home and design industry.

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Courage to Create

We are delighted to introduce you to Katrena Griggs. Though we’ve known Katrena from the home furnishings and decor industry we did not know about her artistic talent.




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