Money Mindset
The Well-Kept Secret of Women’s Wealth

I have been a practicing financial advisor for 15 years and I regularly hear women say, “I don’t do investments.” I am talking about smart, educated, change-the-world type of women.

ThriveWell by Design
Ten Minutes to Re-Focus and Feel Better

What if we quickly create a FOCUS board that supports our goals and helps us to refocus when we need it? A visual for the day or week that gets us on track when we sway.

My Top Five Simple Pleasures

I don’t require a lot! However, the things that I do require are those seemingly basic items that make me feel better. With all of the hats I wear during the course of the day, it’s nice to have these little pleasures at my fingertips to enjoy, if only for a moment.

The Power of Words
The Power of Words

We’ve all likely heard of others selecting their New Year’s “Word of the Year”. This is THE WORD that summarizes how you want to feel, your intention, or how you will define your year to come.

My Top Five Favorite Things That Make Me Feel at Home

My name is Katja Lauterbach. I was born and raised in Germany and I have a strong connection to my home country. I design modern interiors with a European touch at Duett Design in Atlanta.

3 Time Management Tools For Working Moms

If you’re a Mom, it’s no secret that we’re so busy filling multiple roles in our lives that there’s isn’t time to do them all. The pandemic has only expanded our roles as everything to everyone, including virtual homeschool teacher and the point-person for all things at home.

7 Tips For Getting More Done In 10 Easy Breaths

One of my greatest strengths has always been getting stuff done. I typically use a stronger four-letter word to describe this superpower, but “stuff” will also suffice!

Everything In It's Place
Everything Has a Place and Everything In Its Place

Ever wonder why farms often appear cluttered? Honestly, I have wondered exactly that in the past. Without any personal experience, I settled on the conclusion that the “country” must be the birthplace of hoarding.

Horses, Chickens & Goats Oh My
Horses and Chickens and Goats Oh My!

Make no mistake about it, by all accounts, I am a “City Girl”. However, when I decide to do something, I am all in! I adopt this “thrive or die” attitude not only for myself, but also because I am careful about what I model for my daughter.

My Five Favorite Things: Happy, Thoughtful Shopping!

I believe in taking care of yourself so you can be the success you were made to be. You can’t take care of others if you’re feeling depleted. As an organizer, I think it’s important to invest in items that make you happy and that will last vs what’s in style right now (and only for a short season).

ThriveWell By Design
Top 5 Essentials For Enjoying Cooler Temperatures

We all have them! We probably just never really slow down long enough to think about them. Here’s your chance. What are some of your go-to items when the temperatures drop?

Tangible Evidence
How Being a Mom Shifted My Need for Tangible Evidence

So much of what I do professionally is intangible – from program design to marketing strategy, devising pricing models or service offerings. In fact, so much so that I used to flip houses to have tangible evidence of my hard work.